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Am I Too Old to Start Practicing Yoga?

Seniors Doing Yoga
3 Benefits to Practicing Yoga at an Older Age

1. Improved mobility. As we age, we often experience aches and pains; yoga helps bring a fuller range of mobility back to the body, which is beneficial for pain management.

2. Improved mind-body connection. With a regular yoga practice, you may feel calmer and even happier thanks to reduced stress and an enhanced mind-body connection.

3. Increased spinal flexibility.
Older adults may experience a limited range of motion. This limited range of motion can impact balance, making older adults predisposed to falls. Yoga improves spinal flexibility, which is difficult to improve through other exercise programs.

To learn more about practicing yoga at an older age, talk to a yoga instructor today.

Would you like to start a yoga practice but are worried that you are too old? The good news is that whether you are nine years old or 90 years old, it is never too late to start a yoga practice. Yoga offers many important benefits for older individuals, including enhanced mobility and flexibility as well as stress relief and improved sleep.

Yoga offers the benefits of mobility without the strain on the joints and muscles that is associated with high-intensity cardio or strength training.

Yoga helps older adults safely integrate an exercise program into their daily routine without some of the dangers associated with cardio and strength training. Yoga integrates elements of cardio and strength training into every practice. However, since you will be using your own body's resistance, you are less likely to injure yourself.

Starting Yoga

Beginning a yoga practice as an older adult can be intimidating, however, especially if you do not currently exercise on a regular basis. To help your body acclimate to yoga and become familiar with the poses, you will want to start with a more gentle hatha practice rather than a more physically demanding practice like heated vinyasa yoga or bikram yoga. Aim to practice two to three times per week at the beginning. This frequency is gentle enough to keep your body from hurting itself due to overuse, but regular enough to help you build a strong foundation for future practice.

Common challenges faced by older adults include tight hamstrings and limited flexibility. For these reasons, it is important to start with a more gentle practice. Many communities have yoga studios that offer classes specifically for older adults and individuals who are just getting started with yoga. These classes are a good starting point for learning about the practice.

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I have been a member of Purple Blossom for almost 3 years. I came to the studio not knowing a single pose or much about the philosophy and yet after each class I felt drawn more and more to yoga and the atmosphere at PB. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to learn and practice yoga in a beautiful environment with great teachers. Their experience has helped me advance my practice and achieve many goals. Thanks to Purple Blossom yoga has become a part of me. Every day I look forward to take a class at the studio.


Like home Absolutely love Purple Blossom! As a newbie in town, I felt welcomed. My relationship with the studio has concluded one year. I cannot find the words to express my immense gratitude. There is love, care, and competence in every single inch and in every single person in this studio. Go, enjoy and discover your yoga self.


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