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To continue to best serve all yogi's, we are changing the format of our classes! Classes will now be listed by name, immediately followed by the level of difficulty. Read below for more detail...
Beginner level classes will include alignment and flow based classes, as well as gentle classes. Restorative and yin classes, while open to all, are still very beginner friendly. Beginner classes are best for the individual who has never participated in a yoga class or physical practice before. It is crucial to establish a basic understanding of the physical practice, which is greatly emphasized in our beginner classes.
Open level classes are available to ALL yogi's! Modifications will be offered to decrease or increase difficulty, as well as the use of props. While a majority of our classes are still of open level, be prepared to experience a little something different in each class! Individual class descriptions will further explain what to expect from each variation of open-level classes. There is certainly something for every-yogi!
It is highly recommended to have an established yoga practice of a minimum 1 year of continuous practice before attending an intermediate class. If you would still like to attend, we request that you at least have a movement background of some sort. Due to the intensity of asanas, flow, and transitions in our intermediate-level classes, it is important to be well versed in yoga asana in order to have the best possible experience you can in these classes. 

THIS ---->https://purpleblossomyogastudio.com/classes.html


Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8am-12PM 7-10:15am 8:30am-3pm 7-10:30am 8:30am-1:30pm 8am-2pm Meditation
4-8:15pm 6-8:45pm 5:30-8:15pm 6-9pm 4-8:15pm 4:30-5:30pm 5:30-6:30pm


I have been a member of Purple Blossom for almost 3 years. I came to the studio not knowing a single pose or much about the philosophy and yet after each class I felt drawn more and more to yoga and the atmosphere at PB. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to learn and practice yoga in a beautiful environment with great teachers. Their experience has helped me advance my practice and achieve many goals. Thanks to Purple Blossom yoga has become a part of me. Every day I look forward to take a class at the studio.


Like home Absolutely love Purple Blossom! As a newbie in town, I felt welcomed. My relationship with the studio has concluded one year. I cannot find the words to express my immense gratitude. There is love, care, and competence in every single inch and in every single person in this studio. Go, enjoy and discover your yoga self.


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